Look Who's Talking

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Sunaina and I am a writer. I love talking about a bunch of things but fail at describing myself. But I'll give it a shot. I prefer long conversations to small talk. I eat muesli for breakfast and books for other meals. I love the sound of a plane when it takes off but I fancy exploring places on foot. Mountains over beaches. Rivers over oceans. Say fashion, cinema, or coffee — you've got my attention. 

I'm a content editor with seven years of experience in lifestyle, tech, and social media. I'm a storyteller first and I understand how a good story can make or break a brand. I've worked as the editor at Little Black Book (LBB) and handled the content operations and growth at LBB, Hyderabad. If you're looking for a freelance writer or a content strategist for marketing and outreach, you can head over to my portfolio and contact me. For everything else, grab a seat and take part in my armchair thoughts. You may or may not be amused. 

...Wondering if I should add xoxo or not.