Look Who's Talking

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a writer with over eight years of experience in lifestyle and tech. I've published a book and started working on my second one. I relish long conversations and brooding over trivial things that lead to nothing. I love the sound of a plane when it takes off but I fancy exploring places on foot. Mountains over beaches. Rivers over oceans. I read a lot, so if you're looking to break the ice, there are books. Or fashion, cinema, and coffee. My friends call me funny on odd days, but I think I'm hilarious. You'll realise it as you get familiar with me. 


I've been working as a freelance writer and content strategist for over a year with lifestyle brands and tech startups. I'm a storyteller first and I understand how a good story can make or break a brand. If you work with me, you'll most possibly get my undivided attention, content expertise, and poor jokes. In my previous role, I worked as the editor at Little Black Book (LBB) and handled the content operations and growth at LBB, Hyderabad. To read my work, you can head over to my portfolio and to work with me, you can scroll down and contact me.


For everything else, grab a seat and take part in my armchair thoughts. You may or may not be amused. 


...Wondering if I should add xoxo or not.