Is Pinterest Influencing Our Shopping Habits?

For the longest time, I didn't realise Pinterest had the power of affecting shopping habits. That is till I watched a YouTuber proudly display her elaborate Pinterest boards that inspired her home decor. From bar tables for her living room to framed photographs for her work desk — she had a Pinterest collection for pretty much everything and her entire home was designed based on those pins.

That made me wonder — is Pinterest secretly influencing the lives of many, including my friends and I had zero clue about it?

A cursory Google search informed me of the existence of Pinterest influencers and how I've been living under a rock.

Tell Us More: Who Are These Pinterest Influencer?

A Content creator and entrepreneur, Joy Cho has about 15.2M followers on Pinterest. She is a graphic designer and founder of Oh Joy!, with several brand collaborations and exclusive merchandise to her name. An author of various books, her Pinterest profile is a collection of boards that include recipes, artists, vintage fashion,'s endless. To say I'm obsessed with her fashion and design game would be an understatement.

Source: Oh Joy

Joy Cho is one of the wealthiest Pinterest influencers with a net worth of over $1.5M. Her collaborations include Target, Microsoft, The Land of Nod, Bounty, and more. Visual artist and photographer Bonnie Tsang is another Pinterest influencer with over 7M followers; voted by Time Magazine as one of the 'Top 30 Pinterest Curators to Follow' — Bonnie's boards are an eclectic mix of art and photography. She has worked with brands such as Sephora, Barneys, Gap, Estée Lauder, etc. Her net worth is about $1.5M. Pinterest influencers like them have crafted a legacy like any recognised Instagram influencer. Scoring brand collaborations to influencing consumer purchases and choices, they're doing it all. For those who access Pinterest like how some consumer Instagram or Twitter, it's a visual world of its own, and one where you can only find bright things.

Watch this video to understand the power of Pinterest and how it's purely SEO-driven.

Pinterest Influencing Shopping Purchases

A Pinterest report itself says that it inspires 72 per cent of pinners to shop even when they're particularly looking for nothing. The same report also states that 90 per cent of shopping decisions are made within the platform.

While the above stat says Pinterest drives more traffic than Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat — it has left out Instagram, which may be a larger contributor to our shopping habits. My friend Haritha is a real Pinterest fiend and most things in her home are styled based on her Pinterest discoveries. She says, "Pinterest has really helped my mental health, and I see that many people are styling things based on it, especially their homes. I believe that is so important since we spend most of our time at home — the colours and the decor majorly contribute to how you feel in your space."

When asked how often she uses Pinterest, she quips, "I browse three to four times a week, my entire house is styled based on inspiration from there. Pinterest convinced me that having a fake orchid in my washroom is pretty, so that sums up its influence on my shopping. But apart from home decor, I also use it to discover tattoo art, inspiration to paint, and style anything actually. I also discovered wonderful artists who make magical things." Another friend Dhruthi uses Pinterest to discover recipes, outfits, and DIY art. She says, "This was way before Instagram had the save option so I was thrilled I could save all things I liked in one place. I now use it to save ideas for easy DIYs, movies I would like to watch, places to visit, cleaning and organisation hacks among other miscellaneous things." While she maintains a board for travel, she has been using Pinterest ever since she moved to the US for higher education. Renter-friendly decor was one of her most-searched discoveries; besides, her wedding outfits were also inspired from Pinterest. She adds, "Most of my wedding trousseau was inspired from the pins I saved on Pinterest. I spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest then and even today when mom sends me sarees, I search for blouses and share them with her as a reference to the tailor." When asked what's her favourite Pinterest purchase, Dhruthi says, "I once came across a Bohemian-inspired bedroom which I fell in love with. So, I dug into the details of the brands they've used and that’s when I came across Jungalow which features bohemian lifestyle products. I bought a quilt set from them and it is my favourite Pinterest-influenced purchase yet." Pinterest, however, has fewer branded searches — while people can discover items or ideas on Pinterest, they usually prefer Instagram (and even TikTok to a large extent) to look up a brand. Influencer Marketing Hub's report on Pinterest states "A brand gets the opportunity to capture people at the decision-making process stage." Unless you're an IKEA or a Pepperfry and yet they don't attract as much following as influencers themselves, which perhaps isn't the case on Instagram. Ideas above brands? Absolutely. Touted as one of the most relevant brands (with millennials, Gen Z, and even our moms using Pinterest), I'm quite keen on creating some boards and giving it a shot myself. So many possibilities!