Sad & Obnoxious.

I wanted to give you the full of me,

not part-broken, not part-whole,

what you instead got was a sad, obnoxious lover,

maybe you should have gotten better,

maybe you deserved better,

I guess we all deserve better,

but we settle,

did you settle?

did you ever feel that I’ve made everything about us, about me?

that you were, maybe the second lead?

that maybe someone else might have treated you more than just

flesh and bones?

I wanted to give you the full of me,

my undivided attention and all my words,

it’s just that you never wanted them,

you wanted bits and pieces of them,

you could have demanded more,

you should have,

and for all intents and purposes,

I would have willingly given it all,

but you knew that already, didn’t you?

yet you signed up for just the sad, obnoxious parts.