Someone, Somewhere.

At this moment, right now, right somewhere, around the world, in your surroundings, or way out of your sight,

someone is furiously clearing their chat history,

someone is taking their dog out for a walk,

someone is in their kitchen, brewing coffee,

someone is falling in love,

someone is healing their broken heart,

someone is listening to music and identifying their life with lyrics,

someone is at work doing a job they hate,

someone is at work getting better at what they love,

someone is looking into the sunset with their loved one,

someone is waiting for the nightfall,

someone is hoping the breaking dawn brings new hope,

someone must be making someone dance to their tunes,

and someone must be reading in the comfort of their home,

someone is on Netflix,

someone is carefully deciding the menu for dinner,

someone is waiting for a special one in a restaurant,

while someone is getting their heartbroken in a parking lot,

someone is holding their tears,

and someone isn’t,

someone is trying to seek help, connect with human beings again and not feel alone,

while someone is caving into their den,

someone is ticking things off their bucket list,

someone is saving up for their dream,

and someone is going home with treats for their children,

someone is trying to pick their paintbrush after an accident,

someone is getting drunk in a downtown pub,

while someone is standing outside an uptown boutique, imagining themselves in the clothes on display,

someone is waiting for their flight to arrive to go home,

while someone finds home everywhere they go, fact, everyone is probably dreaming, trying, healing, breaking free,

and more importantly, living,

yeah..definitely living.

Photo: Aline JOLIT on Unsplash