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I'm Sunaina, a content strategist and editor based out of India.

Words are my forte but I battle with words every day.

A content creator with over nine years of experience in tech and lifestyle, my expertise lies in long-form content, multi-media content, newsletters, features, and social media content.

If you work with me, you'll most possibly get my undivided attention, content expertise, and poor jokes. I'm low-key obsessed with internet trends and movies — so you'll find me talking/writing about them too.


My Expertise

Content Strategy

I've helped tech and lifestyle brands launch their content platforms and marketing newsletters. My content is goal-oriented, lucid, and designed for immersive user experiences. I handle the entire process of content ideation, development, publishing, and distribution. I'm super organised so you'll never find me not working without a content calendar.

Social Media

Social media content creation is one of my strong suits, and I go beyond just the memes and reels. I look at social media as a mere expression of a brand's philosophy and how they aspire to communicate with their users. If done well (with my help, I mean), you have a community of those rooting for you. Psst. I've also launched and scripted video IPs!

Newsletter Marketing

Well, no good marketer ever says newsletters are a passé, because when it comes to driving home the point, nothing holds the power of a newsletter. I've built newsletters from scratch, grown user base, strategised for user engagement, and have delivered successful ones with solid CTR and open rates.

Other skills

SEO | Video scripting | Content repurposing | Content marketing | UX writing | Research | Ghost writing

I've worked with..

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