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Content, Strategy & Everything in Between!


Stuff I'm Good at!

Content strategy

I help tech and lifestyle brands launch content properties and marketing newsletters. I overlook the process of content ideation, development, publishing, and distribution. Global marketers, VCs, and founders read my content.

Social media

Humble brag: I've helped brands go from 0 to 40K in less than two years! I go beyond memes and Reels; I help brands tap into their voice and creation style, use their socials to express themselves, and turn their followers into a community. My experience includes organic growth, influencer marketing and ads.


No good marketer ever says newsletters are a passé because when it comes to driving home the point, nothing holds the power of a newsletter. I have years of experience in launching, strategising, writing & running successful newsletters read by a global audience. 

Overall strategy

Do you have a media product and need help figuring out how to grow its content? Don't know which platforms to focus on? Need help figuring out where your target audience is? I help brands learn and build user personas, nail their basics, and launch new media products.

Other skills

Writing | Content marketing | Research | Thought leadership | SEO | Community building

I'm a content & strategy head with ten years of experience building and scaling content teams. 

Words are my forte, but I battle with words every day.

I'm an independent content consultant with 10 years of experience in content strategy, creation, and marketing for diverse tech and lifestyle brands. 

Here's what I do (and have done):


- Launched LBB (Little Black Book) in Hyderabad and built its content, social, and growth strategy.
- Have strategised and executed impactful influencer marketing and branded content campaigns for luxury brands and hyperlocal businesses.
- Led the content and growth strategy for Thousand Faces Club (at Phyllo), where I oversaw multimedia content production, community, and events.
- Launched and grew Thousand Faces Club's newsletter, which reaches over 3,500 VCs, creators, and marketers.
- Run a newsletter She Got You!, where I share my conversations with women at work.



Brands I Worked With

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